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COVID-19 Response

Updated: Nov 18, 2020


The community response in Larkhall has been incredible since the outbreak of COVID-19. Larkhall Community Growers (LCG), Larkhall District Volunteer Group (LDVG), Community Links, Larkhall Taxi Owners Association, Machan Trust, SLC Community Engagement Team, Chalmers Church and Universal Connections pulled together to help the community of Larkhall! This was the group of people who had already been working together under the Larkhall Plan Partnership.

Volunteers are delivering food packs, to-date over 500 children/adult activity packs delivered providing people with something to keep them entertained whilst at home. Hot meals for those unable to leave home and assistance packs to schools providing families with food and clothing vouchers at this time of challenge have also been delivered.

LDVG have been managing a wellbeing line where those who are vulnerable can receive a daily phone call, which is vital for those who are living at home alone! The Lighthouse has the Community Support Line which is signposting people to help and sometimes just listening to folks’ concerns.

The COVID-19 Rainbows’ Facebook group was formed which is a hub of information for the whole community. People can share information and positive news to help boost morale! There are lots of activities such as free meals for key workers, cinema packs with popcorn and movies, children’s competitions and “Adopt a Neighbour or Street” to help those who may not have internet access benefit from all that Rainbows have to offer.

It has been difficult for children to understand what is going on in the world around them. Jean Grenfell created “Rainbow Snakes and Ladder” which educates children on how to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus whilst they play the game. This has helped children throughout the community!

LCG are opening their Wildlife section of the Community Garden, allowing families to book a slot where children can come and play and explore an exciting new place, get outside, and give parents a chance to breathe!

As we progress through this uncertain time LCG is looking to see how we can plan keeping this outstanding level of community spirit alive!

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