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How to Look After Your Real Christmas Tree!

We are now well and truly in the midst of the festive season. We started opening the advent calendars, wrapping presents and arguably most importantly put up our Christmas decorations!

Many of us may have real Christmas trees! These are absolutely an exciting addition to our homes but it is important to remember how to care for them properly.

The team here at Larkhall Community Growers have some tips and tricks to get the most out of your tree:

· Make sure that you have cut at least 25mm off of the trunk. This means that the bottom of the tree is fresh and can absorb more water. Meaning there is less chance of dehydration!

· Don’t put your tree in sand or soil as this affects how much water can be taken in by the tree!

· Make sure to water your tree everyday (at least 500ml!), this can help the amount of needles falling off of the tree

· Make sure to keep your tree away from your fire place and/or radiator this can stop your tree from drying out too quickly

Real trees have real benefits to both the environment and local communities:

· Real trees use 10 times less materials and 5 times less energy!

· They are easily recycled and compostable!

· They are a renewable source, for every tree planted one tree will be harvested!

· The Infinity Christmas Tree Planation alone absorbs 900 tonnes of C02 emissions!

We hope you find these tips useful and don’t forget to send us pictures of your Christmas trees!

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