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Covid 19 Rainbows, Larkhall Community Network

Updated: Nov 18, 2020


A library of stories will be told over the next decades about the Crisis called Covid.

About how communities came together to support each other with shopping, prescriptions and the unimaginable pain of not being able to be at the bedside of a loved one.

The community of Larkhall mobilised quickly, gathering local organisations and individuals into an informal partnership of 12, including the public and private sectors, to provide whatever support was needed in the weeks and months of lockdown and beyond.

This partnership, Covid 19 Rainbows, Larkhall Community Network, has been especially effective as it built on previous experience of joint working in the town. Having SLC and NHS on board allowed knowledge sharing to enable better informed decisions. The private sector including LTOA, local food Takeaways, chemists and local shops, widened the scope of what was able to be achieved locally, for the wider benefit.

Community appreciation and encouragement, has been inspirational and has shown tremendous community spirit amid the desire to help each other out.

More than 50 volunteers joined up to help serve in a wide range of ways to support others.

We were fortunate to receive financial support from Scottish Government, STV Children’s Appeal, Coalfield Emergency Fund, allowing a wider range of support options to be made available. Where at all possible we bought local to support our local shops.

Much goodwill has been shown by many individuals and organisations in the form of donations to the local effort, and nominations of those who might be in need of some form of encouragement. Those who have been in receipt of these gifts and support have been very grateful.

We are extremely grateful to the local people and businesses who have donated in any way, to support the work of the Covid 19 Rainbows.

Support has taken the form of Food Packs, Activity Packs for kids and adults, hot meals, Key workers meals from local restaurants, Prescription pick up and delivery, school uniform vouchers, food vouchers for local shops, leaflet drops to all residents, daily wellbeing calls, phone line listening service and utility vouchers.

Online Competitions have been held and prizes given to encourage participation and engagement in broader community activities.

Our communities have shown amazing spirit and have risen to the challenge, looked out for their neighbours, and shown that Community is People.

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