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We are a non profit making social enterprise whose main aim is to make a positive contribution to our community, in the hope of enhancing the quality of life for local people. We are based in The Church at the Cross on Union Street.

Our projects include :

– Hareleeshill Community Garden

– Our continued partnership with VASLAN and the Chance to Change programme

LCG recognise the added value that volunteers bring to our organisation and those who use our services. Volunteer involvement compliments the role of our paid staff. If you would like more information on the volunteer opportunities available please contact our Volunteer Co-Ordinator Lisa Houston on 01698 888197.  Or email

Larkhall Community Growers are proud to be winners of the “Lanarkshire Environmental Group Of The Year 2011”


Some information on Larkhall:

Larkhall is a town of 16,500 people, located 14 miles southeast of Glasgow.

The town’s historical development was based on coal mining and weaving and boasts the first Building Society in Scotland.

It is twinned with Seclin in northern France.

Businesses in the town provide employment, goods and services both locally and nationally.

The local schools actively encourage links with the wider community, developing good citizenship.

The third sector has a strong presence and works to develop people and services to enhance the quality of life of local folks of all ages.

If you want to find out more or are interested in helping to make improvements to the town or surrounding areas, please contact us. We”ll be pleased to meet you.

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