Our Larkhall

Our Larkhall

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Your Voice Matters !

Local people from all corners of the Larkhall community, including Ashgill, Netherburn and Dalserf, are being invited to share their views and vision for the future of the area, to help create a community plan including

The Larkhall Community Plan will set out proposals for the area’s development to ensure it grows as a thriving and vibrant place to live that meets the needs and reflects the priorities of its residents.

Over the last six months a number of community groups and voluntary organisations in the town have come together with the shared goal of improving services and facilities inthe town.  This Partnershipis keen to hear local people’sviews to ensure the plan is developed for local people with local people. 

Nancy Barr, Chair of Larkhall Community Growers (LCG), explains: “We’re creating a local community plan for the area that will map out how we want to improve and grow our community – what services we want to lobby for, what local projects we want to take forward and what funding will be needed to make it happen. The plan will also support local groups and organisations with grant funding evidence for applications in the future.

“This is our town, our neighbourhoods and our families who live here and we should be the people driving plans forward and making the decisions based on what matters most to us.

“We need the participation of local people to make this happen and that means involving people at the very start. Over the next 4weeks, we’re conducting a survey that gives local people the opportunity to have their say on a range of issues. We’re particularly keen to gather thoughts on new local sports and leisure facilities.”

To make the survey as accessible and inclusive as possible, local residents can share their views in a variety of ways, including on-line and face-to-face.

Views can be submitted electronically and printed surveys can be picked up and dropped off at the Lighthouse, Library, Community Centre and Leisure Centre. A series of ‘drop in events’ and visits to local groups is also planned.

Leaflets providing more information will shortly be dropping through letter-boxes and residents should also look out for postcards in the town’s main public venues.

Nancy added: “We’ve been encouraged by the interest and participation of local groups and people so far, but I would urge everyone – new residents, long-standing residents, young and old – to use their voice and help plant the seeds that will determine how our community will grow.”

For more information contact:

The Lighthouse, King Street Larkhall


Web site

Fb Larkhall Community Plan

URL: The online survey can be accessed through this link –

You can pick up and hand in your paper copies at the allocated venues which have boxes provided so you can drop off your survey.